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Woo Shell (wsh) is an alternative to the normal Windows command prompt (cmd.exe). It is inspired by linux shells such as bash, csh and by the xterm terminal. The shell allows execution of commands with pipelining and sequencing.

It has a terminal that allows resizing, scroll-back and copy paste. Command line editing with file/command name completions. It support simple command scripts with no conditional statements.

The current version is an alpha version with limited functionality and robustness.

Some of the major limitations:
- No console input (except for certain built in commands)
- No termcaps

Wsh on source forge.


GnuWin32 project


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Version 0.3

New features:
- Copy and paste
- Support for interpreted commands
- internal command 'which' added
- simple wild card expansion
- back slash escapes
- mouse wheel and single line scrolling
- scary icon
- stdin, stdout redirection
- file associations
- larger buffers - for everything

- Fixed problem with wsh exiting on code EOI.
- CTRL-C now shuts down all child process.
- Fixed problem with quoted arguments.
- bottom line clip issue with maximized windows fixed.
- print stderr after stdout last (still not interleaving)
- parser errors no longer kills the shell
- wsh forgot to close directory handles on file/command name expansion

Version 0.2
- Execution of shell commands with pipelining and sequencing
- Execution of simple command script
- Minimal job control
- Use/modify environment variables

Version 0.01
- Initial version, very limited functionality.


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