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Version 0.3

New features:
- Copy and paste
- Support for interpreted commands
- internal command 'which' added
- simple wild card expansion
- back slash escapes
- mouse wheel and single line scrolling
- scary icon
- stdin, stdout redirection
- file associations
- larger buffers - for everything

- Fixed problem with wsh exiting on code EOI.
- CTRL-C now shuts down all child process.
- Fixed problem with quoted arguments.
- bottom line clip issue with maximized windows fixed.
- print stderr after stdout last (still not interleaving)
- parser errors no longer kills the shell
- wsh forgot to close directory handles on file/command name expansion

Version 0.2
- Execution of shell commands with pipelining and sequencing
- Execution of simple command script
- Minimal job control
- Use/modify environment variables

Version 0.01
- Initial version, very limited functionality.


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